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In all of the hectic life stuff going on around here this year, from preschool prep to my new job, a definite upside has been writing. I’ve started writing for Hello Giggles, and for an educational site called Noodle. I have another article in this month’s issue of NJ Monthly, and I have a piece coming out in next month’s Inside Jersey magazine, plus a quilt and another article heading to Generation Q this fall. And, I’m putting out some posts and articles that I’m really just super proud of.

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On Halloween weekend we had a great time at a sponsored event for the upcoming Penguins of Madagascar movie (which opens on the 26th). Adam and I took H (in costume) and met up with other bloggers to hang out at the Bronx Zoo, see the movie, and spend the night at the Residence Inn. Check out my post about it on GeekMom today.

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A few weeks ago I wrote this post for GeekMom. I’m reposting it here because today I have orientation for my new teaching job. The wardrobe is on my mind a lot.

It’s that time of year again, when back-to-school commercials take over the airwaves and summer feels like it’s slipping away. But all of the school talk is focused on getting the kids ready for a new year. What about the teachers? We like new things in our closets, too.

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January brought its “A” game this year. It’s normally my least favorite month of the year; I’m over the snow and cold by month’s end, someone in the house almost always gets sick, and it just feels like it goes on forever. The bright spot exception is my very best good friend Laura Ann’s birthday, and I forgot it this year. Go home, January! You’re drunk!

januarysnowIt’s been snowing. Like, all the time.

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TARDIS Tea Wallet

I made Adam a tea wallet from this tutorial for his Christmas stocking way back when I first started sewing and blogging. I was very proud of it, and he actually uses it. I bought this TARDIS fabric from a Spoonflower designer at the same time I designed and ordered the sound wave fabric for his, but it’s been sitting in my stash waiting for a good use for 5+ years now.

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