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We’ve been bombarded with snow this week. Today’s Saturday, and the first storm was last Sunday night. School was closed for two days, and then another (smaller) storm came in Friday at lunchtime, so all the local schools closed early. My birthday is just a few minutes away now, and yet another snowstorm is set to head our way either tomorrow night or Monday, I think. And here’s the thing we’re learning about Washington–they don’t have a lot of snow plows.

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You are the absolute worst.

The end.

Here is a picture of a squirrel in the snow.

The end the end.


So much snow, all of the snow. Three days with everyone snowed in at the house. I’ve made chili, I’ve made pizza, I’ve cleaned, we’ve played, we’ve napped. Jonas dropped 20-some-odd inches of snow in our neighborhood, with crazy snow drifts taller than H. It’s been cozy and also frustrating to be so off our routine. But, the snow play has been well worth it.

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We had a small little snowstorm on Sunday, but now it’s Friday night and the eastern seaboard is hunkering down for a giant snowstorm worthy of all the nicknames. Jonas, that scamp.

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I loved last weekend. I only left the house to go get some lunch with Adam and H on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent inside being a glorious homebody.

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