Archive: May 2014

We are so jet lagged around here. The three of us just flew home from a week in France this past Saturday afternoon, and Adam and I have been completely delirious since. H’s recovered pretty well, although she’s been waking us up at wacky hours all through the night. She didn’t sleep at all on the flight home. Maybe that’s why we’re so delirious. This feels like the worst jet lag we’ve ever had!

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Here are a few things about April that I thought about while putting this month’s collage together:

  • I forget about this project a lot, and April was definitely a regression into lots of yoga pants (those would probably be the days missing photos).
  • I have really, really been digging striped shirts since I was pregnant with H, after a lifetime of avoiding them.
  • I need a haircut (scheduled for tomorrow!). Too many ponytails.
  • It’s already May 7th, and I’m just getting to this post. Lots of THINGS happening here.
  • I miss wearing dresses, but not that white eyelet dress (purchased for a specific purpose, not to be fabulous).

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