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I spent the last week restocking the freezer with dinners since we were running low after my first marathon. Honestly, having those meals in the freezer was a godsend. We’ve been eating like normal humans despite having a newborn, so I’m keeping the tradition going. And one of our favorites from the first round was this recipe for Chicken Parm that I cobbled together from a few different recipes. Out of the freezer, you can have dinner ready in the time it takes to make spaghetti. Prepping for the freezer, it’s surprisingly quick. And if you didn’t want to freeze it, it would still be a pretty quick weeknight meal.

I prepped 3 of these this time in bulk, so this recipe is for that quantity. You can scale it accordingly.

Chicken Parmigiana
Makes 3 freezer dinners

For freezer prep:
6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 12 chicken cutlets
3 eggs
4 pieces of stale bread or 2 cups of breadcrumbs
1 16oz. ball of fresh mozzarella
2 cups shredded provolone
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

For serving:
Marinara sauce
Spaghetti or sub rolls

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The weather here has just been diabolical this month, drizzly and cold one day and then bright and warm the next. Adam, H, and I have managed to get out for some first adventures during the sunny snaps, so I thought I’d post some photos of those. H doesn’t do anything but sleep when she’s out and about, but I can’t describe how satisfying it is to be having family adventures. It’s just so cool, even when she’s not old enough to appreciate what’s going on. The smallest things just absolutely make my day, and I want to remember all of these firsts. Even if she dozed through them.

Two weeks ago we took her to the beach at Pier Village for the first time. And she slept through it.

I’ve been trying to get out for walks around our neighborhood everyday, which has been great. Especially with all of these beautiful cherry blossoms blooming everwhere.

And H sleeps through every walk.

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This quilt is finished and delivered!

So I made this quilt for my sister-in-law Kathryn, who is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks. H can’t wait to meet her little cousin CJ, but since he’s been getting all the attention (and quilts made by my mom) I wanted to make something for Kathryn during her hospital stay. I brought my Rainbow Quilt to the hospital when H was born, and I was so glad I did. It made such a difference to have something personal and cheery to liven up the depressing side of days spent in the hospital.

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This quilt top came together so quickly, I loved making it.

The postcard pattern actually called for wider sashing strips, but I had a bunch of Robert Kaufman Kona cotton jelly roll strips in Snow and decided to stash bust with those. So my sashing strips are 2.5″ wide, and my “postcards” are 4″x6″. Which is what the original pattern called for, not adding any additional seam allowance to the size.

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Yesterday my brother and Kathryn brought his 2 kids over to meet the baby. We’ve been trying for a few weeks to get the kids together, but we’ve had a lot of spring illnesses flying around lately.

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