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Whoopie pies are just the best, and they’re easy to make at home with kids. Whoopie pies, we’ve learned, just aren’t really a thing in Washington. And they’re H’s favorite treat, and something she’s been missing from NJ (Whole Foods made really good ones back east, but all the baked goods at Whole Foods here in WA are too…healthy). So, I’ve started making them. The Christmas batch was such a hit that she wanted to help me make some more this past weekend. Sunday night while my beef roast cooked we made them for dessert.

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It’s here! She has a moving up ceremony tomorrow off campus, but today is her last day of school…at school. This kid has grown up so much this school year. She doesn’t look drastically different, but she is drastically different. More confident (not like confidence has ever been a problem with Miss Thing).

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“I love dogs! They’re my favorite pet animals.”
“I love parrots! They’re my favorite birds.”
“I love dolphins! They’re my favorite sea animals.”
“I love lions! They’re my favorite big animals.”
“I love dinosaurs! They’re my favorite reptiles.”
“I love spiders! They’re my favorite bugs.”

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Yesterday was our first of two full days in the Mystic area. I’ve been to Mystic as a kid, once or twice with Adam over the years, and once we spent an afternoon at the Seaport (with H) on our way to Maine with my in-laws. But every time I come I feel like it’s new, and my sense of geography is weird until we get somewhere, and I think, “Ah, I remember this.”

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This week is H’s spring break, and so far it’s been pretty up and down. On Monday we booked a trip for H, Hamilton, and me to head to Mystic for the second half of the week. Spring break fun with me and the small ones! But then I woke up Tuesday with another sore throat, went to my doctor’s walk-in clinic, and confirmed that I had strep. Again. Second time in two weeks.

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