It’s here! She has a moving up ceremony tomorrow off campus, but today is her last day of school…at school. This kid has grown up so much this school year. She doesn’t look drastically different, but she is drastically different. More confident (not like confidence has ever been a problem with Miss Thing).

She’s more mature, more physically capable. Her speech is coming along so well. In September she still said “Nana” when someone asked her name, now her H’s are clear as a bell. She’s more self reliant, and she really wants to do things for herself.

H just keeps getting amazing. She is so smart, so clever. And she’s funny. Loves animals. Asks a million questions a day. Has started to love drawing, although we’re still in lines and jagged circles territory. She’ll get there.

And she has an amazing summer ahead. I start my new job officially on July 5, and she’ll be spending the summer in various camps. We’ve got a great college student working for us this summer while I work on longer term childcare for fall. So I think the two of them will have a lot of fun together.

And then we’ll head into a new school year in September. Just like that.