Seriously, I am not even making that statement up. Today was her first day of toddler school in her Montessori program, and I tried hard to keep it together. I took these photos this morning after I got her dressed.

The little ones have a transition week to start, only going in for 90 minutes a day to acclimate themselves to such a big change.

H got into the building with little drama and apparently played with the books the whole time. She cried a little when I picked her up, but I honestly think it was a guilt move to remind me that I’d left her somewhere without warning (but how do I warn a 1.5 year old with limited speech skills?).

She had a giant nap afterwards (as did I, this school business is exhausting). It’s the day after Labor Day, and for the first time in 5 years (8 if you count grad school et al) I wasn’t going back to school myself. That was incredibly weird, and kind of liberating. It was really weird to be taking my baby to school instead. I cried in a Taco Bell parking lot for more than a few minutes after I dropped her off.

Everyone was fine. And it rained, so she got to rock her raincoat.