I took a blogging break for the second half of August to go on vacation (more on that later), host in-laws, get H ready for toddler school, deal with lots of paperwork, apply for stuff, try (and fail!) to organize the house. We got home Thursday night, and I still don’t have the wherewithal to go through trip photos, or recipe photos, or any kind of photos. But, it’s September 1st (well, for 5 more minutes, anyway). So I figured at the very least I should post a paragraph to burst that block that I often get when I’ve been away from blogging for a bit. After a while it’s hard to decide where to jump back in, so I like to go with short explanations.

There. All done. I have blogged, it is September, I can reboot the process. But another time, when I’ve had more sleep and didn’t deal with a major poonami this weekend (definitely more on that later).