First of month of school is finished! We were actually closed this past Thursday and Friday for Rosh Hashanah, and as it happened I caught a wicked cold and upper respiratory infection last weekend at an event in Queens. So I’ve spent my days off in bed, recuperating. I always get down in the dumps when I’m sick, and I was starting to get down about the fact that I’ve only read 143 books so far this year, I don’t blog every day anymore, I haven’t quilted much, and I haven’t made a pie since June. But my mom gave me a great pep talk, telling me to “stop looking in my rearview mirror” and comparing life to what it was like before. I have to get used to the energy it takes to be a mom (or mom-to-be) and not beat myself up for changing. Adam’s been telling me this for months, but he always tells me to slow down. It was nice to hear it from another mom, and once I got out of that mental rut I actually had a lot more brain space for inspiration. So I’m getting ready for the rest of 2011, with some crafty projects I’m excited about and some other Big Events coming up. I feel tons better, mentally at least. I’m still spending most of my long weekend sleeping off this bug, but I’m okay with that.