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Other pie/apron projects: January Pie: Lemon Meringue.

This month’s pie and apron gave me agita.

One of my favorite desserts as a kid were those store-bought mini graham cracker crusts with Jell-O chocolate pudding scooped into them. So I thought I wanted to make a full-size version of that for Valentine’s Day. And a pink-and-chocolate-brown apron to go with it. Easy right?

Not so much.

The Jamie Christina “Pretty Ditty Apron” pattern is super cute, but since I’ve never done any gathering or ruffles it was definitely a challenge. So I didn’t have it finished for Valentine’s Day. First problem. Then I made this pie with stale graham crackers. Second problem. Adam scooped out all the pudding and just ate that, but even that was not my finest pudding. I was determined to finish the apron and remake this pie, something I cobbled together from various recipes. But then I got sick, and it didn’t look like I would get it done by the end of the month. But yesterday I did both: finished the apron, and remade the pie properly. And I love both.

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Yesterday Laura Ann gave me the best birthday present: we spent the day getting massages at Bliss SoHo, picking up baked goods, and eating at Peasant.

The Cupcake Stop truck was parked up the street from Bliss. So after LA and I were transformed into gobs of putty and spent an hour in the Bliss lounge chilling out, I needed to go. I’ve been stalking them on Twitter since they opened in 2009. I got the mini cupcake sampler, and Adam and I are still eating them. They are so frakking good.

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Thanks to Smitten Kitchen, I’m having a love affair with baked goods today.

I made these brownies and blondies (white chocolate brownies) last night for a teacher at school who won a library contest I held last week. When I send out a library newsletter, I also run a contest to see who can email me the highlights first. For my fall newsletter I made Grant’s Brownies for the winning teacher, but when I saw the heart shaped confections on Smitten Kitchen I knew that’s what I wanted to make. But then I was out sick for 3 days, and then my brilliant idea of using Lincoln and Washington shaped cookie cutters was thwarted by the shear size of them (3.5″, yielding a total of 3 brownies per pan). So I decided to just cut out circles. They’re not as pretty as the originals, but man oh man are they delicious.

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My friends got together for my birthday, and we had the best time. Dinner at Fresco by Scotto with several of my favorite people.

Then a bunch of us headed into Brooklyn for Floating Kabarette, an amazing burlesque show held every Saturday at Galapagos Art Space. Can’t recommend it enough, $10 bucks for the most fun I’ve had since my last birthday. Aerialists, can-can girls, the Red Hook Ramblers ragtime band. Fabulous!

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