Yesterday Laura Ann gave me the best birthday present: we spent the day getting massages at Bliss SoHo, picking up baked goods, and eating at Peasant.

The Cupcake Stop truck was parked up the street from Bliss. So after LA and I were transformed into gobs of putty and spent an hour in the Bliss lounge chilling out, I needed to go. I’ve been stalking them on Twitter since they opened in 2009. I got the mini cupcake sampler, and Adam and I are still eating them. They are so frakking good.

Then on our way to dinner, we made 2 more food stops. Again from Twitter, I’d seen that Mark from Whimsy & Spice was sampling their delicious goodies at Dean and Deluca. It was on the way, we stopped and bought cookies to take home to The Men. Mmmm…chocolate gingersnaps.

And then we passed another cupcake bakery, The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I have no idea when this opened, I’ve never seen it before. So after LA and I ate this:

(Burrata on the bottom, Boconcini with speck on the top), we stopped back in to that bakeshop to bring more baked goods home. And to eat some ourselves.

Adam loved the strawberry cupcakes I brought him, he wants to go back.

Had the best weekend with my best girlfriend. And baked goodies from now till kingdom come.