I had a wonderful, busy day in Manhattan on Sunday with 2 great friends and a lot of shopping.

I met up with Kathy to deliver her NYC pillow and enjoy Cafeteria’s macaroni and cheese sampler (my favorite!) and their truffle fries (now I’m addicted). I was so excited about this lunch (I also had tomato soup) that I completely failed to take any actual pictures of Kathy and me. I see carbs, and…things happen to my attention span. Sorry, Kathy! You know I love you.

Kathy gave me this goodie package of Marc Jacobs Sharpies, a crafty Christmas ornament, a tote bag, magazine, AND a Moleskine Passions recipe journal. I love it all.

Then I left Kathy to meet up with Maggie at Chelsea Market. This is kind of becoming a Christmas tradition with us.

I bought some gorgeous cookies from Eleni’s.

Then Maggie and I made our way to Union Square for the holiday market. I bought a cute shirt for Grace, and Maggie got some family gifts.

Maggie and I headed to the Baked by Melissa outpost on 14th St. for mini cupcakes from heaven (that’s a Tye-Dyed in Maggie’s hand). I gave Maggie her MO board, which I was so excited about it! I think she liked it, too.

After I left Maggie, I still had stops to make. Myers of Keswick for Christmas meat, Purl SoHo for goodies, and finally Murray’s for Christmas cheese. It’s the first time I’ve actually been inside Murray’s, but I love this place. I actually sent a gift crate of goodies from Murray’s to friends of ours for Christmas this year. What’s more festive than the gift of cheese? That’s what I say.

And after all that, home. Exhausted. But I am proud to say I found free (legal) street parking all day, and I moved my car 4 times. Bridge. And. Tunnel.