bar 89All I’ve done this week is eat, meet friends, and run around New York. Not that I’m complaining.

Remember back in January when my husband’s step-grandmother passed away? Today was a memorial unveiling her headstone, so Adam’s dad, stepmom, and brother have been in town this weekend. It’s been hectic, so I haven’t really been able to post much. Lots of back and forth to the city and the cemetary out on Long Island.

I had a great day on Friday. I met my friend Maggie for lunch in SoHo, and we went to a great Italian spot called Il Corallo. I had the Tortellini Parmigiano lunch special, awesome. We dished for hours, so much so that when we got up to leave one of the older gentlemen sitting behind us announced, “Thank God! They’re leaving!” Girls can gab, guys–what can I say? Then I wandered around SoHo, went to Purl Patchwork to pick up supplies for my latest project, and met my friend Kathy for dinner.

I haven’t seen Kathy in 3 or 4 YEARS. But we picked up where we left off, and I had a blast. We went to Bar 89 for burgers, which weren’t bad. I ordered the Burger au Poivre II, with blue cheese and peppercorns. I love blue cheese, but I often feel like chefs use a heavy hand with it when it’s on a burger. This was one of those times. Kathy had one of their burgers with a crazy 5-cheese blend; it’s their signature, they take 5 different cheeses, melt them down, and reform new slices. Next time I would try THAT. The butterscotch cake was the highlight for me, and I thought the vibe of the place was excellent (that’s it in the photo).

And then yesterday we went down to Long Branch with Adam’s family. We had a really nice day at the beach, and we lucked out with great weather. Then last night we met them back in Manhattan for dinner at Molyvos, a scrummy Greek restaurant on 7th Ave.

So it’s been a busy weekend to cap off a busy week, but I’ve spent time with so many people I love this week that I don’t mind busy one bit. But now I’m collapsing into my pajamas to chill out the rest of the night. Then it’s back into the city tomorrow night for dinner at Butter with Adam’s family. The rest of the week I will probably be asleep.