So I was convinced that today was my 1-year blog anniversary, but it turns out it was actually April 16th. I really need to pay more attention to dates, this is not the first time that sort of thing has happened.

The weather here in the NY/NJ area is gorgeous this weekend, and The Reeves have been taking full advantage. We’ve been running around in Adam’s convertible (which I’ve been driving, ha!) with the top down.

barnacle bill's

Yesterday we went for burgers at Barnacle Bill’s, a dive waterfront place with peanut shells on the floor.

sandy hook lighthouse

Then we ran over to Sandy Hook to get our season pass for 2009. We took a trip all the way out to the lighthouse while we were there, the oldest working lighthouse in the country.

mortar battery

We also saw the mortar battery, which is about as exciting as it looks.

Then we zipped around town running errands, I made yummy dinner, and we sat around listening to music with the windows open until all hours.

Today’s no different; I took the convertible to Panera for bagels and croissants this morning, and we’re finishing up our breakfast while watching the Bahrain Grand Prix. We’re going to buy paint today for the guest bathroom, which we’ve decided to paint banana yellow. More photos of that as the project progresses.

I’m still trying to pick a color for our library, I really can’t decide.

And our tulips are up and looking awesome. So pretty, I can’t believe how well they’re doing.