We just got back from our trip a little while ago, and we’re waiting for some Chinese food! I’m thrilled to be home; it was a great vacation, and now I’m ready to get back to real life.

So here’s a brief recap of yesterday, Day 5 in Cancun. We sat around the pool for hours. We hung out at a nice air-conditioned mall called Kukulcan Plaza. I got a chocolate body wrap treatment at the hotel spa, and it was fantastic. Esther exfoliated me head to toe, covered me in melted chocolate, and wrapped me in heating blankets.

We had the best meal of our trip last night at a place called Casa Muguey. It was excellent and surprisingly authentic.

And now we’re home, and the house looks weird. Everything is fine, but this is the first long trip away from home I’ve had since we moved in. So it’s weird to come back after a trip away. And we have much TiVo’d goodness to catch up on. I’m rather excited for this Chinese food; if I never see another grilled meat that will be just fine. Until our next Fajita Night.