cancun day 1Well, we made it. We’ve been incredibly lazy today, just sitting by the ocean under these great palm frond umbrellas (like in this photo). Then we sat by the pool. Then we ate at the pool restaurant, which was so good I’m still thinking about that fish taco and those chips and salsa. Then we sat at the pool again. Then we went into the pool. Swam up to the pool bar. Back to sitting by the pool. You get the idea.

We did venture out into the Hotel Zone of Cancun after lunch, and we rode a very exciting local bus going faster than the speed of light! I will say that the further north you go in the Hotel Zone (towards Senor Frog’s), the more terrifying it becomes. We stocked up on drinks and snacks and tried to brave one of the many malls for some essentials (I completely forgot to pack a rather important clothing article that rhymes with “spas”), but we were no match for all the time share pushers and scary tourist traps. I’ll just muddle through this week with the one I wore down on the plane.

Now it’s time to think about dinner and the rest of the week. We’re going to Chichén Itzá for the day on Thursday, and we’ll also make our way to Isla Mujeres soon. I want to see the actual city of Cancun, and I’m trying to decide if I’m brave enough to set foot in Senor Frog’s just to do so. Maybe not.