I suddenly have so many things exciting me this week that I can hardly stop bouncing to post about them.

First of all, Adam’s passport came yesterday! I’ve mentioned us wanting to go away for spring break next week, but our excitement had sort of fizzled after we realized Adam’s passport had expired in February. I was already getting a little overwhelmed with all the planning before we realized about his passport, and then I just couldn’t get motivated to rethink the plan. But it has arrived, and today Adam took charge of the planning and found some great last-minute deals to Cancun. I booked the tickets this evening with some travel vouchers my mom donated to the cause (thanks, Mom!). Honestly, if Adam had just booked a trip and told me where we were going, I would have been ecstatic. Spring break fever has hit school hard, and testing season has begun. I’ve had so much else taking up my head space in March that I couldn’t get this vacation going. But Cancun it is!

It’s also voting time for Bee Square Fabric’s Dr. Seuss quilt contest. This is the first contest I’ve ever entered with my sewing, and there are plenty of other contenders who will probably win. But working on this little quilt got me out of a serious crafting rut I’d been in since my marathon around Christmas. My quilt is #8, so vote for me! The survey was down a little while ago, I’m hoping it gets fixed soon.

Bee Square is also having a big sale because Diane is hoping to unload half her inventory before moving into a new space. I’ve been incredibly restrained so far this year with fabric purchases. I haven’t spent anything but my birthday donations on fabric (that’s what I asked for this year) since the beginning of the year. That’s nearly 2 months without a purchase at all, and 3 since I spent any of our household money. And 35% off is no joke for those fabrics, I never see coveted, modern prints discounted that much. It’s full yards only, but I have no problem with that.

Then there’s the whole 2 days left until my spring break business. I’ve been taking my library class show on the road this week because the library is being used for testing. It’s actually making the week go by faster, and it’s been pretty low-key since there’s only so much I can take with me from class to class. The kids are off-the-wall this close to break, but then so are the teachers. And I have great stuff in mind for April! National Poetry Month!

I’ve also finally gone a whole day without a crippling headache! I’m still being treated for this sinus infection three weeks later (and it’s my 3rd since the start of the school year), but I’m finally getting some relief. I can think in whole sentences and everything!