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It’s done! And I love it.

I got Adam to take the pictures because clearly his camera is better than mine, and I wanted these photos to look different from my usual standing-over-project pose that makes it look like a narrowing hallway towards the top. So the whole thing is based roughly on the Any Way You Slice It quilt from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I didn’t use a pattern, though, and I only made one kind of square. The finished size is roughly 6″ x 7″ and Adam has commented that it will make an exciting hot plate after this competition is done.

I got this project submitted right under the wire, so now all I need are people to comment on it. The folks with the most comments on their photos (we could submit 2 of the finished quilt) by April 3rd move on to the final round of voting, so to the 2 of you out there who read this: start commenting! The winner gets a $75 fabric shopping spree, and fabric sprees are what I live for these days.

The back is this great orange fabric with white polka dots. Very Orange Room-y, I think.

back of Dr. Seuss Quilt