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It’s done! And I love it.

I got Adam to take the pictures because clearly his camera is better than mine, and I wanted these photos to look different from my usual standing-over-project pose that makes it look like a narrowing hallway towards the top. So the whole thing is based roughly on the Any Way You Slice It quilt from Denyse Schmidt Quilts. I didn’t use a pattern, though, and I only made one kind of square. The finished size is roughly 6″ x 7″ and Adam has commented that it will make an exciting hot plate after this competition is done.

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It’s not even worth putting in the episode guide. I think I’m cursed with this quilt. I don’t know what kind of karmic mojo I’ve got coming to me, but I finally took the quilt in to be quilted and found out that I am too late to have it done for Christmas! I knew it would take about 5 weeks, but what hadn’t ever occurred to me was that everyone and their grandmother is getting stuff quilted this time of year. So the shop and all the home-grown quilters they knew with long arm machines have met their quota of projects to take in for this holiday season. Agh!

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I’ve been working on the Crete Quilt for so long now that I’ve got crafter’s block again for anything else. I finished the quilt top and basted that, the batting, and the back together. It really is more of a full than a queen, but oh well. The book uses a great cross-hatch pattern that I’m finding impossible to measure out myself, so I think I am going to send this off to be quilted. My mom told me she has a rule that she only quilts small things herself. Everything big she sends out. This sounds like a good plan to me.

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