It’s not even worth putting in the episode guide. I think I’m cursed with this quilt. I don’t know what kind of karmic mojo I’ve got coming to me, but I finally took the quilt in to be quilted and found out that I am too late to have it done for Christmas! I knew it would take about 5 weeks, but what hadn’t ever occurred to me was that everyone and their grandmother is getting stuff quilted this time of year. So the shop and all the home-grown quilters they knew with long arm machines have met their quota of projects to take in for this holiday season. Agh!

Fortunately, my mother has connections. Her quilter is still willing to take on the Crete Quilt for the holiday season, but it means I have to drive the quilt up to my mother’s house (an hour away) one night this week after work so that she has it in time to drop off to her quilter this weekend at a 3-day quilting BBQ bonanza. And I was hoping I’d be done with this project for a while.