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Remember back in August when I said I’d taken the Crete Quilt as far as I could, and I was sending it out to be quilted? Well, as it turns out I sort of missed the fact that I was supposed to leave 6″ of batting and quilt back fabric all around the edges of the quilt top.

I didn’t do that.

This means that I had to make a whole new quilt back, as I was just using a giant piece of white fabric cut to the edges of the quilt top. I didn’t want to make a back. So I put it off for weeks and weeks, and this weekend I finally decided to just get it done. All I did was split the white fabric in half (I did leave some length on the left and right edges, but not the top and bottom) and sew a section of the blue fabric between them. Easy as pie, took an hour or so to do. So now the whole thing is pinned back together and is REALLY ready to go off and be quilted. I’m dropping it off some time this week, I have to move on to something else!