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I’ve been blogging as The Orange Room since April 2008. Blogging was where I documented life as a school librarian, crafter, quilter, and mom. These days I get into all kinds of shenanigans. This site got a complete makeover in July 2014. New and shiny!

I was an elementary school librarian on and off for 7+ years before leaving teaching in December 2015. Now I write full time, make things when I have time, and raise my five-year-old daughter all the time.

Life as a work-at-home-mom is not for the fainthearted, lemmetellya. Some days the hill in front of me seems insurmountable: deadlines are looming, or the child has a ballpoint pen and isn’t afraid to use it. Usually that’s when I bake something or make jam instead.

I live at the Jersey Shore with said pen-wielding child and my English husband.

I can’t garden to save my life, but I love to cook. And travel. And take pictures of food, it’s a really annoying habit that I’m in therapy for. And that therapy is called Instagram.

I’m a work in progress in all things (just look at my early blog photography to get an idea of how true this is). Everything I make teaches me something new that I bring to the next thing. Rules make me itchy, and even when I’m using someone else’s pattern or recipe I tend to hack it and make it my own (with full credit to the original maker, because as a librarian I believe that proper citation is what separates us from the animals).

Feel free to poke around and share the whole scope of this life I’m working on.

I always have things brewing. THINGS. And this site is where I’ll announce them when I’m allowed (or ready) to do so. I hope you’ll keep coming back. Let’s be friends!

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