I’ve stumbled upon two quilting shops lately that I really love.

Mouse Creek Quilts is in Howell, near my work. It just opened a month or two ago. I found it a few weeks ago when I made a wrong turn into a car wash and ended up in their parking lot. It’s a great little shop, and I’m hoping to take one of their evening classes someday after work. I bought a bundle of fat quarters (my addiction), and I also discovered they have longarm services. If I become overwhelmed quilting the Crete Quilt, I’m taking it there!

Pennington Quilt Works is the shop I found yesterday on the way home from our PA trip. After going on a wild goose chase for a quilt shop near New Hope that doesn’t seem to exist, we Googled for shops in NJ and found this one about 13 miles away. It was pouring rain and the shop was in a pretty female-centric shopping center (I also loved The Woolly Lamb yarn shop next door). So Adam was bored out of his mind but hung in there so I didn’t leave such a craft centered area empty handed. This is my new favorite store, and I’m determined to go back one day with my mom to just camp out. They had every brand of fabric I love plus more I’d never heard of, patterns, great kits, friendly staff. They have more than 4000 bolts of fabric. I’ve been thinking all day about the fabrics I wished I’d bought, so I definitely need to go back. Soon!