barbadosAdam and I have been talking about going away during my spring break week pretty much since I started this job in September. It’s coming up in early April, and we’ve pondered going to Europe to visit family, going to Hawaii, going on a cruise, going to the Caribbean, etc. etc. etc. So I think (with just under a month to go) we’ve finally decided on Barbados. We’ve still got to pick a hotel, but we’ve finally narrowed it down to a place.

There are so many cool destinations out there, it’s surprisingly hard to pick one. And a hotel. Especially when you’re trying not to spend a lot. Our last real vacation with just the two of us was our honeymoon in 2007, and that was a blowout 2-week trip to the Maldives and Dubai in really fancy shmancy hotels. Obviously we know that was a rather special occasion and now our vacations need to be a little less…everything. But it’s been hard to get our heads around a hotel when we’ve got that trip as our last comparison. But we’re getting there. And since my brain has turned to late-winter/first year teaching mush lately, I’m just looking forward to a beach I can camp out on for a week with books and knitting.