I can’t find my planner. Anywhere. I know I had it on Monday, and after that it seems to have vanished into thin air.

I shouldn’t be panicking about this. It’s only the middle of January, getting a new planner is no major challenge at this point. And there are many fabulous options to be had. But I’m unnerved because I can’t find my planner. It’s not miniscule, and it’s covered in rainbow polka dots. You can’t miss it. But I’ve torn apart my house, my car, and my library with no luck. There was nothing incredibly personal in it, but all of my To Do lists (I put a Post-It note on every week page with the things I need to do that week) and things are in it.

It’s my own fault, really. In this day and age a paper planner is completely impractical, and I’m surrounded by gadgetry that Adam is forever trying to get me to use more effectively. But I sync my iPhone like twice a year; back when I had a Palm Pilot I remember my near-meltdown during our wedding planning when I let the battery die and everything was erased. EVERYTHING. In the middle of planning a wedding. And I still didn’t learn my lesson. I just never remember to sync things, and when I do there’s inevitably some software update that takes ages to install. And I get all sentimental about the way paper “feels.” Have I learned my lesson that paper has no backup and gadgets are wonderful if you update them? Nope. I’ve spent hours looking at NEW planners this week, and so far I’m frustrated by the lack of essential Jackie features they have. But I must. Have. Paper.