poppiesAdam and I have been looking for ages for things to put on the walls to fill up all the blank space. We’re working on framing a ton of his photos, our wedding photos, and snapshots, but we also wanted some cool designs on the walls. We’d thought about wallpaper, but honestly neither of us has the patience or the time to deal with hanging it ourselves. And all the wallpaper we actually like is pretty expensive. Getting someone else to hang it the right way would be even more expensive.

I don’t remember exactly how I found Dali Decals, I think they were on the front page of Etsy one day in the “Handpicked Items” section. But they have the coolest vinyl wall decals. These are not the kind of┬ádesigns you’d have in your college dorm room (unless you already have fabulous taste by then). They have some very chic, graphic designs that are exactly the kind of thing we like. And they’re a fraction of the price of wallpaper and available in tons of colors.

small spaceWe had really been looking to find something for a wall in our dining room that’s just a giant blank space. And we loved some of their big tree designs for that wall. But we decided to start with these Swirling Poppies in our hallway under the stairs. They were less expensive, and we thought they’d give us an idea of how much we actually like the decals before jumping in with a whole tree. And we love the poppies! We put them up before our Christmas party last month, and everyone thought they were fantastic. They took about an hour to put up, and they still look great. So sometime soon we’ll be picking out something for the dining room, and then who knows what other rooms. These are my favorite find in ages.