scarlet fig fabricsOkay. So the first step to treating your addiction is admitting you haveĀ a problem. I am completely addicted to fabric. I see the look on Adam’s face each time a new envelope with fat quarters arrives in the mail. I know.

But I could not resist this fabric from Scarlet Fig. I love the new fabric designers out there who are independent, print in small batches, and do just amazing designs. But they are expensive, as the process is not done in a big commercial machine. I bought these two fat quarters weeks ago and didn’t want to actually cut into them, I likedĀ them too much. And nothing felt like a good enough project.

scarlet fig pillowI finally bit the bullet and made a pillow out of the light blue fabric, Birdies on Chairs Red. I’m still deciding if I will give it away as a gift, which was my original plan, or if I’ll be greedy and keep it for myself. Now I just need to decide what to do with the second fabric, So Comfy Sofa Red.