Okay. Christmas is in 2 weeks, and I still have oodles to do. I’ve been moving along at a decent pace, and tons has been taken care of already. But I’m suddenly terrified by how little time I have left.

All my December lesson plans are finished, and my library is decorated for winter/holidays. Our Christmas party has come and gone and was a huge success, our tree is up and the outside lights are hung, and I finished our new stockings. I shipped the Crete Quilt off to my mother- and stepfather-in-law yesterday (hopefully they get it before they leave England for Christmas in Crete!). One brother-in-law and his family’s gifts have also been shipped off to England (Morgan, Livi, Cleo, and Kate). And the Picnic Blanket has been delivered to Maggie, our mystery Person A!

So, it’s not like I’ve been sitting around buffing my nails. But there is still a lot to do. I messed up the quilting on the Christmas Runner and have to go back and fix that. I’m working on an apron for Person B, but I can’t post anything about that until it’s been delivered; it’s very obvious who it’s for. I still have to make gifts for 2 kids (and buy for 1 more), bake for all the neighbors, and today I got my Secret Santa person for work. There are still 2 sets of parents and siblings to take care of, aunts, and a bunch of friends. And Adam! I designed this great custom fabric for him on Spoonflower, and it arrived this week looking fantastic. I just have to figure out what to make with it. It’s surprisingly hard to come up with “manly” homemade gift ideas. Who knew?

I also have to order the turkey for Christmas dinner (which will be very small this year-yay!) and plan for Christmas Eve (my whole family will be over). And I haven’t written a single Christmas card yet.

My last day of school before our glorious 2 week winter break is the 19th. And hooray for that, I will need every spare day at home I can get.