I’m kind of becoming addicted to Etsy, so I think I’ll feature shops I like from time to time. These are shops I’m browsing right now.

I bought this Tree Stump Pin Cushion from Gracefell a few weeks ago. I love it and use it constantly, I was just too lazy to take my own picture of it and used the one from her shop. All her pin cushion designs are adorable.

These are West Coasters in Pink from Starfish Designs. They have some really cute patchwork items.

This is Spot Plush Monster Cutie from CurlyQ Cuties. I want him for my desk at work!

I love these Felt Tree Gnomes from Made By Cara. She has great felt and patchwork stuff for kids and adults who act like kids.

This is the Time Travel clock from IMOTIME, which draws me in. They have hysterical clocks made out of wacky items like frying pans, old phones, 8 track tapes.