These are, without a doubt, the best cupcakes in New York City. Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery did the cupcakes for my wedding last year (we had a tower of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake), and they were a huge hit. Adam and I are addicted, so whenever I find myself anywhere near the Lower East Side I try and pick some up. So when I was in SoHo today for my sewing class at Purl, I headed over to pick some up before going home. Adam spent the afternoon mowing the lawn, so these were his reward for being all manly and domestic.

We were very scientific in deciding that these were the best. A few months before our wedding, we spent a Friday night driving to 4 different cupcake bakeries in Manhattan–Magnolia, Cupcake Cafe, SSS, and Buttercup Bake Shop–to buy cupcakes and compare. Adam made up a score sheet, and that night at home we ate and rated. These had the best frosting, the moistest cake, and were the most delicious overall. I don’t remember exactly what the categories were on the score sheet, it’s in the attic somewhere. But it was a sweep across the board, and we’ve been fans ever since. Some of our wedding guests still comment on these.