nakedmoleratLast week saw the release of Mo Willems’s latest picture book, Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Wilbur isn’t like all the other naked mole rats. He loves clothes and outfits. He lives to get dressed; he thinks a lot about what kind of outfits to where. The other naked mole rats hate this. They’re naked and they love it! What Wilbur does is just plain weird. So Wilbur is teased and bullied until the other naked mole rats complain to the wisest of them all. This supreme naked mole rat decides that getting dressed is actually pretty swell, and he encourages all the naked mole rats to do their own thing.

This is another great one from my favorite children’s book author, but I’m still deciding if I love it as much as some of his others. The drawings are typically great, and I suddenly feel like naked mole rats are grossly underrepresented in children’s literature. Wilbur’s outfits are fabulous, and I think kids will love the clothing vs. naked plotline. It’s wordier than his other books, but the messages of acceptance, nakedness, and dressing yourself well will delight kids. And adults with style.