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A spring tutorial! H’s been more and more interested in flowers this year as they bloom all over. She’s been picking dandelions everywhere we go, and digging holes in the mulch in the backyard with the gardening tools her grandparents gave her. I do not have a green thumb, but she’s fascinated. So I’ve been brainstorming some gardening projects we could do together, for me to learn some things and for her to watch things grow.

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2015 has been a little rough so far. It was an endless winter, and we’ve been super┬ábusy with preschool evaluations for H. Between work, weather, and worrying it’s been a stretch. So the beautiful weather the past week has been amazing.

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I love lilies. All kinds of lilies: day, calla, regular ol’. That’s what our front garden is filled with. I finally got our front flowerbeds weeded and mulched last week, and the flowers are looking so gorgeous this year! We still have a giant space in the middle of our big bed that seems to be a deathtrap for whatever we plant there, but otherwise it’s looking great.

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Check out how incredibly ginormous our daisy bushes have gotten since everything on the patio was planted last summer.

Those roses are no slouch, either. I love it back there!

Remember this? We’ve gotten so much better about the whole yard thing since then. Once the patio arrived last year we started getting better.

Adam and I spent the entire weekend prepping all our flowerbeds for the season. And I literally mean the ENTIRE. WEEKEND. Four trips to Lowes, 24 bags of mulch, 19 plants, several bags of soil…you get the idea. We are exhausted, but as of this afternoon it’s done. Now we keep working on the lawn (which took a beating when the patio was built last year), and I’m thinking about growing tomatoes this year. Maybe. I’m not sure, but we’ll see. If Adam helps me build a raised bed for them.

The burning bushes got so big I had to prune them back. I’ve planted 9 more lily plants in the big flowerbed this year, I might add even more. We put a Common Boneset between the bushes, but it’s not too happy there.

I planted a bunch of daylilies in the small flowerbed. We had some tulips come up, but they’re already leaving for the season.

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