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Check out how incredibly ginormous our daisy bushes have gotten since everything on the patio was planted last summer.

Those roses are no slouch, either. I love it back there!

I wanted to make some nice big pillows for the new chaises we bought for the patio. So I got some outdoor fabric from JoAnn’s and made these 26″ lovelies.

Originally I was going to use my stash of canvas fabric for these and treat them with waterproofing spray, but I actually really liked these prints and decided to just save the step.

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On Saturday Adam and I went to Philly for a little anniversary celebrating. We had dinner at home on Thursday night, so Saturday was our first chance at a day out. We went to IKEA and got 2 of these loungers, which I love. The boxes were huge, and Adam had to ride home in the seat behind mine. We had cheesesteaks. And I went to Spool to meet Eleanor Grosch. Adam met her, too.

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We got a firepit and spent Sunday night sitting on the patio making s’mores. I love this firepit.

And s’mores. I also love s’mores.

I am totally smitten with this looker from West Elm (photo courtesy of their site). We’ve been looking at our patio furniture layout, taking everything out of storage and setting it up for the season. The one thing I still want is a chaise, and this double chaise is just perfection. But it’s solid wood (hard to maintain outdoors), and it would need to be stored during the winter (very heavy). I’m not sure we’re ready for that kind of a commitment from our patio furniture. But, oh, I could look at it all day.

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