So today is officially our 2nd wedding anniversary, but it’s kind of a crazy day. Adam is flying to the UK tonight so he can be best man in our friend Paul’s wedding, so we said our goodbyes this morning. He went straight to the airport from work. I am also fighting off some kind of bug that’s had me under the weather since Sunday. I was home today after a crazy fitful night of sweating, coughing, sweating and coughing some more. You get the idea.

So not the most ideal anniversary ever, but I have 2 good things to share.

1. Adam sent me these flowers today since our anniversary day didn’t go quite the way one imagines.

anniverary flowers

2. We actually celebrated our anniversary on Saturday with a day in Manhattan. So I can’t feel too badly since we had such a great day at the weekend. We went back to the Hudson Hotel, where we were married, for drinks and then set off from there. Here are some photos of our adventures.

central park

We walked from the Hudson through Central Park. It was a beautiful day. We were headed to this incredible installation by Ernesto Neto at the Park Avenue Armory. I’d heard about it on Twitter the day before, and since we were going to that neck of the woods anyway we checked it out. I’m really glad we did, it was phenomenal. I had no idea that armory was even there, but the space itself is incredible, too. Honestly, if you’re in the city anytime over the next month you should go and see this installation. You can walk through the whole thing, and there are ball pens and rugs for kids to play. Those hanging egg sack-type things are filled with spices or foam balls, so it’s this great sensory experience. And different parts of the structure are dyed different colors. All set in this great open space that used to be a military drill hall. It’s wild. Adam’s photos are better, but here are a couple of mine.


anthropodino 2

After this we headed to A Salt & Battery, our favorite chip shop in the States, and on to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for anniversary cupcakes. We try to get them whenever we can to remind us of our incredibly cupcake wedding cake.

wedding cake

So two great years down, many more to go. Fly safe, Adam!