So now there are only about 7 weeks of school left for me, and as my first year of teaching starts to wind down I realize I’m finally (at 30!) in a job situation where I can settle in for a while. I’ve found my niche as a librarian, and I can finally exhale. Do I plan on retiring from my current school in 30 years? I can’t say that for sure, since there are so many things I’m passionate about. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 10 years, let alone 30. But I do know that it’s home for now…where I can relax, become invested in the students, and think about things like starting a family somewhere down the line. That’s a big deal for me. And my contract has been renewed, so hooray!

So now that my first official year of teaching is almost on the books I’m looking towards the summer. I realize that the past few years of my work life have been kind of exhausting and stressful, and this summer will be a much-appreciated break. Here’s what I’m doing in my summer planning (this was Adam’s idea): I’m actually scheduling things on my calendar like “go to the movies today”, “learn how to cook rice today”, “or “go to that quilter’s lecture at the American Folk Art Museum.” I’m looking into courses, investigating adventures, planning days when I want Adam to play hooky. I’m planning my summer reading, my summer projects. Most of all, I’m hunting for ways to spark up my human connections again. I’m tired of feeling like my only contact with friends is through email and texting lately, which is completely my fault while I’ve been getting used to work. I need face time! I’m planning a girls’ night during Memorial Day weekend, I’m headed to the Brooklyn Flea with Maggie this Saturday, I’m even reconnecting with my mom and my brother this weekend. So it’s all really positive, and I’m thrilled to be able to shift my focus away from my work life for once and be a social butterfly again. It’ll be restorative. And I just found this great post on Decor8 addressing how to build community through your online presence, and it’s exactly what I’m trying to do lately.  

So here are the lists I’ve started so far. Any suggestions are welcome!:

My Summer Reading List:

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5: The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan (my copy came today!)
  • New Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (I’m on #3 of the Twilight series now)
  • finish Wire in the Blood
  • As much Terry Pratchett as I can get my hands on
  • Paris: Made by Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk (we may be in Paris for a few days this summer, shhh!)
  • the endless piles of books on my shelves

Food Things To Do:

  • English Cooking Week
  • spend more time at Chelsea Market
  • learn to cook rice
  • explore my local ethnic food markets
  • Perfect cookout food

Craft Projects:

  • New pillows for the couch
  • Finally make that Amy Butler ottoman for the library
  • Cover for my netbook
  • Party bunting (I’m in love with bunting now)


  • American Folk Art Museum
  • All Points West festival
  • Hungarian F1 Grand Prix
  • Monday at the Met with Meredith (and it even alliterates!)
  • Antique shops in town
  • Unravelling course
  • City Quilter or Purl Patchwork class