paint the town pink buntingThe bunting I promised my neighbor Annie for Paint the Town Pink week is finished. And I love it so much, I told Adam to be prepared for homemade bunting strung from every possible surface at all our parties from now on. Seriously, it was a breeze to cut out thanks to the Purl Bee’s tutorial, and I was able to use up tons of scrap fabric and fat quarters that had been growing dust in my stash for a while. Tomorrow afternoon people are officially gathering for the “pinking” of Annie’s house, and I can’t wait to see this bunting up there.

In other news, I’m trying out some of this delicious-looking felt from Feltorama. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, and the colors are incredibly vivid and awesome. It’s not as soft as real wool, but it’s a whole lot better than mass-market craft store stuff (which I use for flannelboards at school). And while it’s more than the cheap stuff, at $13.99 for a 27-sheet bundle it’s still a whole lot cheaper than real wool (which would be about 4x as much). I love the real stuff, but unless I’m doing an heirloom-quality, big deal project this stuff will work just great for my needs. I’m very interested in exploring some more applique in the not-too-distant future.

my prize!AND, my prize from Whimsy & Spice’s 1-year anniversary contest arrived today. Holy creamoley these things are good. It’s all I can do to leave some for Adam to try. I’m weirdly addicted to the Earl Grey cookies. They’re so unusual, I like it. ¬†And finally I can taste what the chocolate butterscotch bars should taste like. The ones I made are delicious, but these are…spicier.

Is it weird how excited I am for Valley Shepherd Creamery’s sheep shearing festival on Saturday? When did I become so darn folksy? I stumbled across this event last week, and we’ve actually been there before. During a visit from my in-laws before we were even married, my mother led the whole pack out to this place to try the cheese (which is spectacular). And then I saw this festival and I’ve been looking forward to it all week. Rain or shine, we’re going this weekend. I’ll take pictures.