So I’m in the midst of Week Two for Holly Becker’s “Blogging Your Way” e-course over at decor8. And I’m already having some great epiphanies, ideas, and inspirations for my blog. I’m really excited to start focusing and thinking about this blog in a new way. I’ve had it for 2.5 years, and I’ve revamped the layout a few times but haven’t edited the content. That’s what I want to work on, and that’s what has me excited. I’ve been feeling a little random on this blog for a while, and I’m ready to hone my point of view. So I may not post as often, we’ll see. The kinds of things I write about will stay the same, but maybe I don’t need to post every recipe if the pictures aren’t great. Or every time I reorganize a closet because, really, who cares? Good stuff.