Last Friday I took H to my school for the first time. I had to drop off the last of my library orders for the year, and since H’s officially old enough to be out in public now I thought it would be a great opportunity to show her where Mommy works.

She was kind of a hit. We made the rounds to as many classrooms as we could, and I got this photo of some first graders who met her in the hallway outside the library. They couldn’t believe that when she’s in 1st grade they’ll be in 7th. Neither could I, frankly.

It was really nice to see everyone, especially the 4th graders. They’ll be off to the intermediate school next year, so this was probably the last chance I’ll get to see them. And even though she’s way too little to understand, it was nice to show H where we went every day when she was in my belly. I’m dorky that way.