The kids left at 1pm, the teachers left in an exodus after that until about 3:30. After school program left around 6. Principal headed to the high school graduation around 6:30. I left around 7:30, only car in the parking lot.

But the library is as closed up as its going to get for the summer. I’ve got one more order to send to the office, but I’m doing that by fax. I didn’t cover the reference section in paper, but I’m not going to. I’ve scanned every book in the library except the M through Z sections of the picture books, but I don’t need that inventory until September. So I am now on vacation.

And here’s my lonely library, closed up until fall.

library tree down

The library tree is down…

story corner

…the stuffed animals are in storage in my office…

covered shelves

…and the shelves are all covered over.

Summer begins!