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I don’t really start to feel December festive until this goes up. My 3rd and 4th graders helped get this up Thanksgiving week, and I love seeing it when I come in every day. Don’t ask me to explain, but this particular piece of the library (whatever the season) always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Now that it’s posted, I can officially commence the holiday merriment.

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I got the tree started this year, but it was really the 4th graders who turned it into a masterpiece. This is my favorite tree yet.

I sketched out the tree on brown craft paper and cut it out.

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And I was so calm, it was great.

A lot of my bulletin boards and displays still needed to be finished, and since I can no longer easily/safely scramble on top of my bookcases like I normally would, I saved them for this week so the older kids could help. They’re so helpful, I love it. The 3rd and 4th grade classes took my “Spotlight On” bulletin board from this:

To this:

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Even though it’s still nearly freezing outside, I finally switched the library tree over for spring today. Positive thinking, it’s time to brighten up.

I’ve got a cold.

I was out sick on Monday, and today (Thursday). And the days in between I had no voice, so I couldn’t read to the kids. So we switched some things around, had Game Days this week. And I had some of my 4th graders help me take apart the Fall Library Tree.

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