And I was so calm, it was great.

A lot of my bulletin boards and displays still needed to be finished, and since I can no longer easily/safely scramble on top of my bookcases like I normally would, I saved them for this week so the older kids could help. They’re so helpful, I love it. The 3rd and 4th grade classes took my “Spotlight On” bulletin board from this:

To this:

My 4th graders also helped work on the Library Tree today:

The Library Tree isn’t finished yet, more help tomorrow. But when it’s ready I have pictures of the entire Making of the Tree that I’ll post. I love making that tree.

I read Dotty to my kindergarten class this morning, they loved it. I wanted to draw pictures of our imaginary friends, too, but since it was the 1st day I only saw 1 of 2 scheduled kindergarten classes. And only for about 10 minutes. Maybe I’ll get there with the afternoon kids, and I’ll post those drawings if I do.

All the 1st through 4th grade classes did the traditional rules and bookmarks stuff today, but we had enough time leftover for some fun, too. I love rainy first days, it chills the kids right out.