I was so determined to be better about blogging this week, but all I do is come home from work and slip into a stupor. I forget everything, and just about the only non-school related thing I’ve been able to concentrate on is Bravo TV.

But here’s what’s been happening the last week:

I grew a bump literally almost overnight. Yesterday my stomach was suddenly rock hard, and Adam noticed that my belly button is starting to work its way out. This is what I looked like today for Picture Day, and half the staff commented on my emerging bump (if you look closely at the top row of this picture from March, you can see what I used to look like wearing this dress). This is what standing up straight looks like for me now. Also, I really need to clean that mirror. Remind me, I will definitely forget.

Secondly, I bought this most glorious and genius thing of all things in the universe:

The Comfort-U CU9000 Total Body Pillow. I can’t even tell you how many pregnancy pillow reviews I read, and in the end I ordered this one. I am so completely not sorry, I’ve had the best sleep of my life this week. That doesn’t mean I’m not still comatose all day, but still.

Okay, this post wasn’t actually about the first week of school at all. But, I have photos of the new library tree to post, plus the new crop of library cards, plus all my wonderful 4th graders who now know I’m pregnant and have been the greatest helpers ever getting us rolling for the new school year. So I WILL post about all of those things. But this very minute, I hear the doorbell for Chinese, and then I’m heading back to the CU9000.