In my furious organizing since school ended, I stumbled upon not one but TWO Crate and Barrel gift certificates that were given to us as wedding presents. I don’t know how we managed not to spend them yet, but I like to look at found gift cards as cause for celebration. So now we’re thinking about how to spend them. They’re also good at CB2, which I have discovered has the best cheap serving ware for parties (I bought these plates and these platters for the School’s Out for Summer Cookout). I want more. And we need new drinking glasses in 2 sizes and martini glasses. We’re down to 3 of those. Where to start?

yellow argyle cardiganWith this sweater, I could take over the world. Few things make me happier than polka dots and argyle. Polka dots especially, but when I saw this sweater I had to have it. I haven’t had many argyle things since I gained some fashion sense and hung up patterned socks many years ago–really, I hung up almost all socks, but that’s another story. I know Lands End isn’t the first brand that comes to mind for life-altering clothing options, but if I have a cardigan habit Lands End is my dealer. I consider myself pretty fabulous and pretty far from a size 2, so when you’re both of these things at the same time you learn a few tricks to maintaining that fabulosity. One is who cares what brand or size if it WORKS. And I. Can. Work. This. Cardigan.

I’ve joined a women’s book club here in town, and my first meeting with them is this coming Monday. We’re discussing Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, so I’ve been listening to the audio book. And I’m falling in love with it, which I didn’t think would happen.

Now I’m off to make risotto, which is of course my own personal meditation.