The last time I bought new glasses Britney Spears was gearing up to marry K. Fed and Mel Gibson was getting buzz with some movie about Jesus. My glasses are covered in scratches and rocked the librarian look before I’d even gone to graduate school to become one. 

Last year I had my eye exam and the doctor prescribed new glasses. I put the prescription in the To Do pile of our files. A year rolled by, and there it has stayed. The week school got out I went for my next annual eye exam. This time I was determined to actually get new glasses.

And I did. Today. After 2 failed trips to pick out frames (first I forgot a coupon, then today I forgot the prescription), I persevered and picked out some cool new ones. And they are purpley. And wire rimmed, not chunky thick plastic retro librarian ones. Turning over a new leaf, that’s me.

And I will have them in 5-10 days. Then I can actually go about seeing things again, rather than trying to peak through all the scratches to get a glimpse of the world outside them.