Today was insanely productive. I finally cancelled the checking account I had before Adam and I got married. I thought surely I would owe them money, but I got 2 whole dollars and 14 cents back!

And look at all these plants! Three dahlias open and more on the way and lots of new lilies getting ready to open. If only I could figure out how to kill all the grass growing around the plants, I’d be set. All this rain is really good…for the weeds.

2 dahlias

new dahlia

july lilies

I made another chicken pot pie, too. This time instead of individual ones, I’m making one big one. It’s in the oven now, hopefully it will be just as delicious.

a better pot pie photo

**I changed the pot pie photo. It looked really green, sometimes I get a little overexcited with the photo editing software.