I have 7 more school days before summer break begins on the 23rd. I have a feeling that won’t be the end of my year, though. I’m almost halfway through a full inventory of my library’s holdings (first one done since the new building opened in 2006). And I’ve got to close down the library for the year, covering the shelves and taking down anything kids in summer classes might disturb.

┬áBut it also marks the end of my first year as a school librarian. It’s been a great year, and while I’m really excited to have the next two months to myself I’m also anxious for September to start a new year with some experience under my belt.

As a result of year-end insanity (inventory, Field Day, summer reading), I really haven’t had the energy to be particularly crafty. I haven’t read many new books (my ARCs from BEA are getting dusty), and I’m not the most experimental cook these days. But this will be changing very soon. I’m already feeling myself emerge from my year-end daze, and I’m planning again. So hopefully I’ll have a lot of good stuff to blog about in the coming weeks. Hooray for summer vacation!