img_0860So my lilies are coming up and looking great…so are the weeds and the grass that is apparently growing in that bed. I did crazy weeding yesterday after I got home, so it looks a little better than this before picture. But it still looks a little like a grassy field. The grass is growing better in the flower bed than on the lawn. And I sprayed the bed with grass and weed killer before I planted bulbs. No idea what that’s about.

bunnyAnd in other news…a bunny! He was in the backyard today eyeing the groundhog’s hole this afternoon. I don’t know if it’s the same bunny, but I saw a very similar looking one this morning springing towards the backyard on my way to work . I haven’t seen our groundhog in a while; this means he’s either left the hole for some other wild creature to move in, or SHE is in there getting ready to give us more groundhogs. So now we’ve got a groundhog and a bunny.