This was such a great school year. A year ago, we were worrying about H keeping up when she moved from the toddler to primary class at her school. We’d been through weeks of evaluations for the public school preschool special needs class. We’d talked to her school’s headmistress, all of her therapists. We knew we wanted her to stay at her current private school, but they don’t have any specificĀ programĀ for kids with speech disorders or developmental delays.

In the end, her amazing toddler teacher told us to send H for the school’s summer program, and she would get her ready for primary. And she did. The headmistress recommended a therapy clinic for kids with apraxia, and they have been incredible. H had a fabulous year. She’s not quite caught up to her classmates in every area, but she’s so much further along in her development than she was a year ago. It’s amazing, she’s like a different kid. And this year, it was a no-brainer for everyone on her team that she would stay in her school.

That toddler teacher is leaving the school for a new opportunity, and we will miss her so much. She really made a huge impact on H during those 2 years in her class, and I know we wouldn’t be thriving in preschool if it weren’t for her. I made her a quilt, because of course, and I’ll post some photos of that soon.

But today is the first day of summer vacation, I’m watching her run around in her gym class, and I’m just so amazed and grateful for all the support and warmth and acceptance this kid gets.