I am really late with this one. This spring has been crazy with knee surgery, our UK trip, and Adam switching jobs. So much good stuff, lots of stress, mountains of laundry to do.

We had our 9th wedding anniversary in May, in the middle of Center Parcs. Adam accepted a great new job on that same trip (his last day at Tumblr was yesterday, H’s last day of school).

2016 has been great so far, but exhausting. I’m finally walking without crutches OR a cane. I need about a month of PT for my knee, and I just got my MRI results that I did, indeed, tear the meniscus in my other knee. But if I do surgery on that one it won’t be until the fall. It’s not bothering me at the moment, and I’m still sore enough from the other arthroscopy, and the bone graft, that I’m not ready for more surgery.

Am I a crazy person for thinking about trying roller derby again? I feel like once my knees are sorted out, I totally would.

Now it’s well into June, summer break is here, and I’m ready to tackle my new writing assignments, bust out some of my quilt goals, and have adventures. But May was great, such good memories.