If January was all about decluttering, February was all about illness and injury. Meh. But also, birthdays and parties!!

This was the month I found out I probably need knee surgery. We had a quick round of a stomach bug with H. Adam needs to have more dental surgery soon. And I’ve been snowed under by a nasty cold/sinus infection for the past few days. But, I’m getting there! On the mend.

I really need a haircut. There is more decluttering to tackle. I have a pile of UFO quilts lying around. This is all because of knee pain/child barf/cold season. But the light is growing at the end of the tunnel, and it really hasn’t been that bad of a winter. If I can get our taxes sorted out this week and catch up on some other paperwork we’ll be back in business.

And tomorrow is March. Which means spring is about to spring! H had an amazing birthday party, but her actual birthday is still a couple weeks away. We’ll have to plan some shenanigans.

So, February. It was weird, ups and downs, sickness and great celebrations. But I’m always grateful for a month of happenings.